September 23, 2022

5 Reasons to Consider a Landscape Design-Build Firm for Your Project

When desiring a landscape design that is simply functional or something offering superb curb appeal, how the project is managed and undertaken is crucial to the success of the finished product. And it doesn’t matter if your need is commercial or residential, it can be a lot of work and require continuous upkeep. Plants don’t grow on your schedule. Do you have the time in your busy day to take on such a task?

Hiring Your Perfect Landscape Company

The bottom line is this. Landscape design is hard work, and requires a focus and tenacity that many people just cannot allocate to anything outside their usual day-to-day, and a knowledge of how to ensure everything comes together perfectly. Landscapers, even the ones that simply cut your grass, are artists. They are dedicated to their craft and their goal as professionals is the beautification of your property.

Maybe you do have to fortitude to draw up a build, plan the materials, spend hours in the blistering sun, really get into the dirt with your hands, remember to add irrigation drip sprinklers, and have the patience to see the project through to fruition. The more probably likelihood is that the very thought of this process feels daunting and insurmountable.

Take yourself out of the equation. You wouldn’t buy a piece of marble and chisel away trying to create a bust of your favorite lady like Di Vinci carving the David statue. So, why do your own landscaping, taking time away from the hobbies you love for something that feels more like an unfortunate obligation?

5 Reasons To Go With the Pros

Let us walk you through a few reasons why the professional angle is a much more desirable decision when landscaping is on your mind.

  1. Efficient Streamlining

When construction is done using numerous companies, there can be a disconnect and a loss of a unified plan. A significant benefit to working with a landscaping company like us is that we orchestrate your project efficiently, keeping your project on-time and most importantly, on budget.   Whether our in-house team is involved or we have brought in an industry expert for a specialized aspect of your project, you have a primary point of contact to talk with and who is responsible for making your project a reality.  This also is helpful when you have concerns or issues, because you won’t have to chase down multiple contractors that can point the finger at the “other company”.

  1. Singular Vision

You have an idea of what you want to see. You tell this vision to the crew boss. It is then their job to maintain the vision through the build. If he or she has an issue, you discuss it and the vision is either adjusted or a new path to accomplish the vision is approached. It’s a collaborative experience and in the end, everyone goes home happy.

The problem with a multiple-party build is the vision is skewed by too many alternative ideas. One vision shared between client and company keeps spirits high because the goal is fixed, the end of the story already written, even before the first plant is in the ground. Everyone is on the same page.

  1. They Know People

This title seems funny, but we all know someone who gets things done because they know someone with an “in.” Landscaping companies have a network of folk who can handle whatever they need. You want a specific brick for your pathway, they know a guy. You want a type of rare plant, and they have a grower who can get it.

  1. The Symphony of Efficiency

When you look upon a construction site, does it look like a tornado tearing through a trailer park, or perhaps more like a choreographed ballet? Everyone has their job, they do it when it is time to get involved, and the overall goal is completed cleanly, with skill and harmony. No one steps on toes, is in anyone’s way, and they work tirelessly to keep on schedule.

Landscaping is very much the same. It is construction but on a smaller, organic scale. Everything is timed, coordinated, and done step by step to keep the flow moving forward. They do each job in the proper order, doing everything they can so they don’t have to redo anything or backtrack. This coordination is difficult for non-pros to do because of lack of knowledge and experience.

  1. Cost Management

Anyone who has ever had a home renovated can attest to a mutual hatred of contractors changing prices on the fly. Time promises, material adjustments, and even staffing issues can make you want to pull your hair out. No one likes these surprises, but they happen every day and drive homeowners bananas.  A trusted company that has your best interests in mind will understand how to price your project accordingly on the front end, keep an eye on the agreed-upon budget and communicate efficiently when changes to the budget are needed.

Final Thoughts

              When hiring your design firm, before you even pick up the phone to schedule an appointment, have all your questions lined up. Ask for an estimate, walk the grounds with them, and get a feel for how they operate. If they are professionals or a hack who will take your money and leave you with a messy, unkempt area, it will be pretty easy to tell with a simple test. Ask specific things only a seasoned landscaper will know.

              Get a good timeframe to have the work completed. Ask how many people will be working on the project. Get a review from their previous clients. Ask if they charge for changes to the plan once it is underway. It is even prudent to check and see what they think about your idea and if it will even work for your property. Knowledge is the best way to shield yourself while getting what you deserve in your landscaping experience.

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