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Irrigation Systems In Memphis, TN

From custom sprinklers to drainage correction to irrigation system installations, Covenant Landscape Services is committed to keeping your outdoor space looking, feeling and growing at its peak. With a variety of services spanning residential and commercial spaces, Covenant has long been Memphis’ go-to for all things irrigation— and with one call to our expert team, you’ll see why.

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Residential Sprinkler System Installation

Curb appeal is critical to the short- and long-term livability and value of your property. By installing a custom sprinkler system, you'll ensure your plants, lawn and garden are always getting the water they need. And when it rains? Our smart irrigation systems will automatically adjust your sprinkler schedule, keeping you from overwatering.

Revamping a Current Sprinkler System

Residential and commercial sprinkler systems are a major commitment and major investment—and that’s not something we take lightly. If your sprinkler system isn’t where it needs to be, it could be time for a full-scale repair and revamping. Our experts will assess your current system and determine the right next steps to save you time and money while getting your sprinkler performing at its peak. Contact us to learn more.

Commercial Sprinkler System Installation

Whether it’s a restaurant, retail location or office space, creating the right brand persona starts the minute a customer walks up to your door. Ensure your customers and clients are seeing a beautiful, lush outdoor space every time they pop by, with a custom commercial sprinkler system.

Designed to work as hard as you do, our commercial sprinkler systems will keep your outdoor space looking its best all year long. The end result is the ultimate curb appeal that positions your business as a must-see.

Irrigation Repair

If your irrigation system is leaving your yard or outdoor space soggy and over-saturated, get in touch. Whether it’s a simple repair, general maintenance or a full system replacement, our drainage experts can ensure your irrigation is flowing.

Benefits to Installing a Sprinkler System in Your Home

On the fence about a sprinkler? Consider the benefits…


Sprinklers ensure your yard or lawn gets the water it needs to grow and thrive—and that instantly increases your curb appeal and property value.


Whether you DIY or hire a landscaper, keeping your outdoor space watered is a serious job. By integrating an automated sprinkler system, you’ll eliminate the labor, the time and the resources while still keeping your yard lush, green and growing.


Automating your sprinkler system ensures you’re never over-watering—and that can help curb sky-high bills, especially in the warmer months. Our systems only use the water that’s needed. And if it rains? Our smart systems know to switch off and adjust your schedule to avoid wasting water.


Keeping your outdoor space properly watered can cut down on weeds and prevent disease from taking over your grass, plants and garden. By setting the proper time for watering, you’ll avoid disease spores from breeding and spreading out. And on the weed front? Shallow watering is the #2 cause of weed problems.