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Retaining Walls In Memphis, TN

Retaining walls aren’t just functional, they’re beautiful architectural additions that immediately boost curb appeal and increase your home’s value. Whether they’re sectioning off your outdoor space, surrounding a pool or other water features or making your yard more accessible, custom-designed retaining walls are a simple way to enhance your landscaping.

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Why Custom Retaining Walls By Covenant Landscape?

Covenant Landscape Services are the area’s go-to experts for creating and installing custom retaining walls. No matter your outdoor space, your unique needs or your budget, our expert design team can create the perfect retaining walls that bring form, function and refinement to your outdoor space.

Enhancing Aesthetics

There’s nothing better than a breathtaking outdoor space. Fresh, comfortable and decidedly you, these spaces add value and charm to any home or commercial space—and retaining walls can do even more to enhance your outdoor experience.

Custom retaining walls are ideal for breaking outdoor spaces into distinct sections, improving landscape design and enhancing both usability and flow. Whether you’re stacking a patio and deck, framing landscaping or enclosing a pool, fountain or other water feature, there’s plenty retaining walls can do to improve your space.

Improving Functionality

Retaining walls are a great way to frame or protect your property without unsightly fences or gates. Keep kids and pets safely inside, create distinct space between your front and back yards or build out separate areas for dining, relaxing and playing, all in one space.

By customizing retaining walls to your unique space, you’ll be able to create ideal usability and flow. Not only can this increase usability and maximize occupancy, but you’ll instantly create an entertaining-friendly space ideal for barbecues, birthday parties and dinners under the stars.

Making Spaces More Versatile

The ultimate in form-meets-function, custom retaining walls are as aesthetically pleasing as they are space-enhancing. This versatility is one of the main draws of retaining walls—there’s virtually nothing you can’t do or can’t create with yours. Contact us to learn more and to start planning your retaining wall design and installation now.