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Why it’s All About Outdoor Living Spaces

Now more than ever, homeowners are upgrading their yards, creating extensive and fully immersive outdoor living spaces. Not only are these spaces comfortable, convenient outdoor oases, but they can also enhance a property’s value from day one, especially as demand for these coveted personal venues increases.

If you’re still kicking back in your backyard, it could be time for an upgrade. With a variety of price points and DIY versus pro options, there’s no reason not to improve your space. Whether you tackle a few small upgrades or opt to overhaul your entire yard with one or more of the enhancements below, there are endless options for kicking things up a notch—and for truly indulging in the unique and fully customized space you’ve created.

Outdoor Living Services

How can you enjoy your backyard more?

Outdoor Living Spaces

The first step? Creating a true living space. Whether it’s a simple patio or adding some comfortable outdoor furniture, the living space should be the center of any outdoor upgrade. Be sure you have ample seating and, ideally, an all-weather “base”—cement, pavers or other “flooring” that ensures you can use your outdoor living space even after it rains. From there, focus on how you plan to use the space—i.e. big block parties, family BBQs, nightly dinners or working and lounging in the back. This, often, will dictate how you structure the core space.

Outdoor Kitchens

Whether it’s a grill or a full-on outdoor kitchen, consider what the uses from above mean from a food perspective. Most homeowners opt for, minimally, a grill but increasingly outdoor kitchens are becoming common—think countertops and bar seating, built-in grills, sinks, wine fridges and even dishwashers. There are plenty of options on both ends of the spectrum depending on your space, your budgets and your wants and needs.

Outdoor Fireplaces And Firepits

Many homeowners envision themselves hanging in their outdoor living spaces, relaxing by the fire—which is why fire is becoming such a desirable add-on. Outdoor fireplaces and firepits and increasingly popular, with price points ranging from under $100 to five-figures and up. Depending on your usage, our expert team can help determine the right fire features for your outdoor living space, ensuring you have the added heat and WOW factor night after night.

Outdoor Water Features

Water features are also increasingly popular, with more diverse features and options than ever. More and more homeowners are adding small garden ponds, creating a truly serene space—and a bit of outdoor glamour. With the option to add waterfalls, live fish and water plants, these small “ponds” can be an incredible and, even, jaw-dropping addition. Other options? Depending on your space and your goals, you may opt to layer in a calming streambed that surrounds the space, or a more decorative bubbling vase, fountain or raised basin. These structures can all range from extensive to small-scale, helping you create your dream space in any space.


For many homeowners, the appeal of an outdoor living space is the ability to get out even when the weather doesn’t agree. To that end, many outdoor living spaces aren’t complete without an all-season covering. With a variety of permanent and retractable options, pergolas are a good go-to for any outdoor space, delivering instant shade and protection from the elements. And, like other add-ons, pergolas come in a variety of shapes, fabrications and price points ensuring you can get the coverage you need without sacrificing anything.

Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Living Space

When it comes to planning and designing your outdoor living space the possibilities are endless. From space to specs to specific amenities and add-ons, there’s no limit to how you design and construct your outdoor living space—and that can make planning a challenge.

To help streamline your thought process and identify next steps for your outdoor living space, start here. By focusing on these six key touchpoints, you’ll be able to hone in on what matters most to you and your family and, from there, ideate and evolve an outdoor living space that meets your wants, needs and budgets—a space you’ll enjoy and that will instantly boost your property’s usability and value.

#1. Consider your SPACE

No two yards are created equally—and that’s why no two outdoor living spaces should follow the same footprint. While it’s great to draw inspiration from friends, neighbors, resorts and online resources, ultimately your yard will dictate the general look, feel and construct of your outdoor living space. So, first, consider this key element—specifically, how much size you can dedicate to an outdoor living space and, from there, what would and wouldn’t mesh with your existing landscaping and architecture. Jot down any notes, measurements or details that immediately spring to mind.

#2. Determine NEEDS

Ask yourself, what’s the MAIN purpose of my outdoor living space? For some homeowners it’s, simply, creating a relaxing oasis they can hunker down in nightly. For others, the goal is a posh outdoor entertaining space, complete with a built-in grill, seating and luxury amenities to make guests feel at home. In some cases, people see this space as an extension of their living room, home office or family room—it all depends on your desired usage and long-term objectives for the space

To start honing in on what next, again, write down any musts for the space—i.e. we need a grill for backyard barbecues or need sufficient lighting so we can use in the winter. This will help start to frame the conversation and keep you focused on what you need in the space versus what’s, simply, a nice-to-have.

#3. Think about WEATHER

As you consider your usage it’s important to think about when you’ll most utilize the space and how your immediate climate plays into the build. For example, if you have your sights set on using your outdoor living space year-round, you’ll likely want to consider an overhang, hardscapes and other add-ons to maximize privacy, shade and protection. If, however, you’re looking for a small, warm-weather grilling go-to, you may not need the level of coverage.

#4. Then there’s STYLE

Now that you’ve considered your existing outdoor space, what style appeals to you most—and syncs best with your surroundings? Outdoor living spaces are easily customizable and can be built out to be more chic and modern, more natural and rustic, contemporary, traditional, farmhouse-style or, literally, anything in between. Again, focus on aligning your outdoor living space with your existing landscape and architecture so the entire experience feels seamless and inviting.

#5. Is there anything else you’d LOVE to have?

We’ve hammered out your specific needs and use cases but, then, there’s always the notion of what you’d love to have in your outdoor living space. For example, you might need a grill but would love to have a built-in with natural gas. You might want an island surrounding your cooktop but would love a marble countertop with bar-style seating for 10. The sky’s the limit so don’t worry about what’s “real” at this point.

As you’re working through your “wants,” jot everything down considering everything from outdoor lighting and sound systems to cabinets, refrigerators, coverings, seating, fire pits and water additions. During our initial consultation we’ll help organize your wish list based on your space, timing and budget.

#6. What’s your BUDGET?

With a loose vision in mind, it’s important to drill down on your budget and determine what stays and what goes. Before cutting, though, consider connecting with our expert landscape designers and architects—often there are creative ways to integrate everything on your wish list while still staying on-time and on-budget.

Struggling to build out a meaningful budget? According to Home Advisor, most homeowners spend $4,047 to $10,156 on their outdoor living spaces. The average lands just over $7,100 and the peak is just over $17,000. However, these numbers can vary significantly based on your market and your needs. A high-end outdoor kitchen, for example, can be $2,000 to $10,000 for a basic set up, or upwards of $50,000 to $100,000 for a more luxury build out.

The good news? There’s truly something for every budget so pull together your numbers and let’s talk. From there—and based on the line items you’ve pulled together from the previous five questions—we’ll build out a custom proposal and timeline that fits your wants, needs and budget.

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