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Landscape Lighting In Memphis, TN

Lighting your outdoor space is as much art as it is science—and striking that balance requires the expertise of Covenant Landscape Services. Every landscape lighting project we take on is 100% customized to the unique needs of the homeowner or business, anchored in their space, their goals and their budget. The end result is a stunning lighting experience that illuminates any outdoor space while enhancing usability and curb appeal.

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Creating Custom Landscape Lighting

It All Starts With a Plan…

During our initial consultation, we’ll review your outdoor space, usage and lighting goals, and map out a design and installation plan that syncs. Depending on your current landscaping, trees and built-ins, we’ll determine optimal light types, styles and placements, ensuring a perfect end result.

As you’ll quickly discover, no two outdoor spaces—and no two lighting designs—are the same. Your space will include a mix of hand-selected lights, placed for impact and aesthetics.

The Finished Lighting Product

Once complete, your landscape lighting will add curb appeal, functionality and usage to your outdoor space. A perfectly lit up property is eye-catching and welcoming, while adding a welcome layer of safety and security. Bright lights are likely to deter intruders and, at the same time, making it easier for guests to navigate your driveway and entryway at any hour.

Beyond that, landscape lighting illuminates your landscaping, enhancing the investment you’ve made in your outdoor space. Your beautiful gardens and plantings won’t just be reserved for daytime enjoyment—now, anyone can see them even after hours.

And with that added light comes added usage. With proper lighting, you’ll be better able to use your outdoor space day or night—think late night dinners in the backyard, evening barbecues or sunset celebrations, all perfectly illuminated with your landscape lighting.

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Types of Outdoor Lights


Flood lights are the brightest, and ideal for wide angle outdoor lighting


Downlights are often seen in commercial spaces, aimed on paths, lawns or smaller spaces

Well Lights

Well lights are buried within the surface of the ground, so the light is exposed but not the fixture

Bullet Lights

Bullet lights shine narrow beams on targeted spaces

Wash Lights

Wash light are much softer than flood lights and can be used in larger spaces or walls

Garden Lights

Garden lights tend to be utilized in gardens and plant beds, or can be used along paths